From Fortune 500 to freelancer,
our annual plans have you covered

High design without high overheads

All plans include unlimited stories, unlimited storage & unlimited users.

Let us host your site, or publish to your own infrastructure with a Shorthandx plan.

Plans are offered on an annual basis only, with monthly and annual billing options. Two months free when billed annually.

  • Prelude

    Make exceptional storytelling a habit —
    graduate to Shorthand

    $2000per site per month
    Two months free when billed annually
    Everything you need to start!
    • Publish to one site? A site is identified by a domain (like or subdomain (like
    • Beautiful built-in themes? Gorgeous themes you can use right away.
    • Add your own logo? Brand your story with your own logo.
    • Title section? The first section of your story.
    • Text section? Simply beautiful text.
    • Text Over Media section? Headline text over images or video.
    • Collection section? Create collections of URLs, image thumbnails, titles and descriptions, then add these to any of your stories as a gallery. Great for "Related stories".
    • Inline Media & HTML? Add images, MP4 video, YouTube, Soundcloud & HTML snippets to your text columns.
    • Story embedding? Launch your Shorthand stories from any web page by copying and pasting our embed code.
    • Pageview analytics? Our built-in pageview statistics.
    • Collaborative workspace? Shorthand is built for teams from the ground up.
    • Email support? Shorthand is beautifully simple to use, but we're here when you need us!
    • Knowledge base & Masterclass videos? Our extensive support documentation and training videos.
    • Unlimited pageviews? You're just getting started, so don't worry about pageviews.
    • JSON exports? You're not locked in to Shorthand. Export your content in JSON format whenever you need it.
  • Prime

    For small marketing & communications teams
    doing big things

    $10000per site per month
    Two months free when billed annually
    Prelude features plus:
    • Media section? Uncropped images and videos, including YouTube. Just the thing you need for long infographics.
    • Reveal section? Reveal images right to left, left to right, top to bottom, bottom to top and fade as the user scrolls your story.
    • Background Scrollmation section? The full screen image behind a column of text changes as the user scrolls your story.
    • Scrollmation section? The image to the side of a text column on landscape screens, or at the top of a text column on portrait screens, changes as the user scrolls.
    • Google analytics? Add your Google Analytics tracking ID to your story settings.
    • Up to 1 million pageviews per year? See below for pageview overage pricing.
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    Publish stories to your own infrastructure
    using our supported export methods

    Get in touch
    Prime features plus:
    • Zip exports? Download your story and assets as a zip file.
    • Drupal & WordPress plugins? Our supported CMS plugins.
    • 1-click S3 hosting? Configure Shorthand to publish to your AWS S3 bucket.
  • Pro

    For publishers, large communications and
    brand teams.

    $50000per site per month
    Two months free when billed annually
    Prime features plus:
    • 1 Branded theme? A handcrafted theme that styles all the standard Shorthand elements according to your brand guidelines.
    • Custom HTML section? Full-width custom HTML. For anything we don't support natively.
    • Dev tools? Access to the custom Javascript and CSS panels.
    • Engagement analytics? Shorthand's purpose-built engagement analytics solution.
    • Multiple teams? With multiple teams you can arrange your stories, collections and users any way you like.
    • Story kick-off? We'll provide feedback on your first three stories if you'd like us to.
    • SAML Single sign-on? Enable your users to sign into Shorthand through an identity provider of your choice.
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    The plan for teams who need it all.
    Exports & white glove support

    Tailored Price
    Pro features plus:
    • Integration consulting? We make sure your team has what it needs to integrate Shorthand into your existing publishing process
    • 90-minute training session? Ensures that your entire team will get the most out of Shorthand.
    • Zip exports? Download your story and assets as a zip file.
    • Drupal & WordPress plugins? Our supported CMS plugins.
    • 1-click S3 hosting? Configure Shorthand to publish to your AWS S3 bucket.
    • Asset server support? Host your images and videos on a dedicated asset server, separately from your HTML story files.
    • Bonus two branded themes? Receive two additional branded themes.
    • Bonus two million pageviews? Takes your pageview limit to 3 million pageviews in total.
    • Discounted multi-domain publishing? Deep discounts for Prox customers who publish to more than one domain.
    • Custom terms? Negotiated terms and billing arrangements.

Power ups for your plan.

  • Additional Pageviews

    When readership surpasses even your own expectations

    $1000per 1,000 pageviews
  • Additional Themes

    Custom styles for the standard components of Shorthand

  • Custom Development

    Custom components & non-standard theme elements


For qualifying customers


How do I get started?

Starting is easy! Sign up for free right now, and create as many stories as you like. Contact us during your trial period to switch onto a paid plan to enable publishing, or let us know that Shorthand isn't right for you and we'll deactivate your account.

What do you mean by "site"?

A site is simply the location, usually identified by a domain (e.g., or subdomain (e.g., where your audience reads your stories. All plans can be expanded by configuring more sites at an additional cost.

How are stories published?

That’s up to you.

Here at Shorthand we believe in an open and diverse web. Our aim is to help you create unique, compelling reading experiences for your audience on your website. With that in mind, we offer several publishing options.

First, you can download a zip file containing the HTML, CSS, Javascript and media assets, which you can host on your own servers, at a URL of your choosing. This approach affords you complete flexibility.

Second, you can export the story via our story API, enabling you to automate the story export workflow. This approach is often chosen by customers who have integrated Shorthand with their existing CMS.

Third, if you'd rather, we can host your story on our servers, under a domain or subdomain of your choosing.

Finally, we offer an embed code enabling you to launch the story from a page in your CMS or elsewhere.

What payment options do you support?

We support credit card payments for all customers, and this is the only acceptable payment method for customers on monthly billing. For customers on annual billing who spend a minimum of US$5,000 or equivalent per year, we also support ACH (US only), and bank transfers. Please note that we do not accept cheques (or checks!).

What happens if I don't want to use Shorthand any more?

If you're on a Shorthandx plan, simply ensure you've published and/or exported all your stories, then ask us to deactivate or delete your account.

If you are on one of our hosted plans (Prelude, Prime or Pro), then you'll need to continue paying your subscription fee to keep your stories live. If you cancel your subscription to one of these plans, then we offer a basic export of your story data without the Javascript and CSS that makes Shorthand stories magical.

I'm on an old plan with story credits. How do I move to a new plan?

Get in touch with us by clicking the button below, and we'll be happy to help you find the plan that's right for you.

I want to upgrade from Shorthand Social to Shorthand. Can I bring my stories with me?

Unfortunately, we don't currently have an automated method for migrating Social stories to Shorthand. Social is a completely separate platform. However, for customers who'd like to recreate their Social stories in Shorthand, we can enable URL redirection from your old stories to your new stories. Note that any Social user who has published one or more Social stories prior to July 1, 2018 qualifies for one year of Prelude for free. We also offer discounts on our other paid plans to Social users. Please get in touch using the button below.