Immersive digital stories that your readers will love.

Tell stories with scrolling

Create stunning scroll-based image transitions with our Scrollmation and Reveal story sections.

  • Create rich no-code data visualisations, including interactive maps, charts, and graphs.
  • Bring your media to life with rich full-screen image transitions.

Simple story creation

With simple ‘drag and drop’ media uploads and section ordering, anyone can build a Shorthand story.

  • Choose from a range of flexible and easy-to-use section types.
  • Anyone can build a story from scratch, including writers, marketers, editors, designers, and developers.
  • Don’t worry about fonts and formatting — the Shorthand editor will make your copy consistent, on-brand, and responsive.


Take your audience on an interactive journey using an uploaded image, such a map, photo, or illustration.

  • After uploading your image, simply choose which sections you want to highlight, and then optionally annotate them with short sections of text.
  • As the reader scrolls down your Scrollpoints section, your Shorthand story will automatically pan and zoom into each point in turn.
  • Like all Shorthand features, Scrollpoints can be created by anyone, without needing any help from a web designer or developer.

Build with templates

Get started immediately with our wide range of built-in templates.

  • Get a head-start on the most common story types, without reinventing the wheel.
  • Make it your own with a custom theme, which will set your brand fonts, colours, logo, and more.
  • Rich media

    Incorporate video, images, and sound directly into your story.

  • Text over media

    Integrate words, images, and video to create truly immersive digital stories.

  • Accessibility

    Build accessible stories with Shorthand, including alt-text options and accessible themes.

“Shorthand allows our editors and art directors the flexibility to dream up, execute, and design beautiful multimedia stories — without relying on developers.”
Michael Chu | Executive Director for Content Operations & Creative Services | Source Media

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