Episode #10:

How to market your unique brand story with Kyra Denlinger and Zach Bell

A brand story is the unique narrative that tells the world who you are, what you do, and why you do it. It's the emotional core of your brand — it humanises your business, and draws your audience in. But when it comes to marketing your brand story, where do you begin?

In this episode of The Craft podcast, our host Rachel Westbury welcomes Kyra Denlinger and Zach Bell, Co-Founders of Bell Media Group, an agency that specialises in helping brands find and market their unique stories. 

As Zach explains, “The information that we receive from our client’s storytelling session is so rich that it allows us to craft what we're looking for in the end product.” 

Kyra adds, “Your story is valuable and worth telling. We really want the people we work with to know that their story is important — it matters, it means something, in and of itself, beyond its marketing value, beyond its sales value, or anything else.”

Listen as Zach and Kyra discuss how they launched and grew their marketing agency, share insights into how they went viral on TikTok, and delve into their brand storytelling philosophy.

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💡 Name: Zach Bell and Kyra Denlinger

💡 What they do: Zach and Kyra are the Co-Founders of Bell Media Group.

💡 Company: Bell Media Group

💡 Noteworthy: Zach Bell and Kyra Denlinger are the husband and wife team behind Bell Media Group, an agency that specialises in social media, graphic design, and content creation. Outside of work, they share their love of health and wellness via At Home Massage

💡 Where to find Zach and Kyra: Zach's LinkedIn | Kyra's LinkedIn

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The secret to social media success is commitment and consistency

“You really have to be committed to your message, and you have to try to weather the storms of engagement as they come and go. You can't do it all for the likes, you can't do it all for the views, if you're committed to your message," Kyra says. 

Zach adds, “The one thing that we tell everybody — the most important thing to Kyra and I on social media — is being consistent. If you're inconsistent, it's really going to make your followers realise that you're not as into it as they are, and they can't be more involved in your social media than you are. You have to be authentic.”

Digital storytelling allows for greater reach, regardless of budget

Kyra says, “Something that I think is the most interesting and fascinating is how technology is the great equaliser —  it is the great equaliser of people, of ideas, and of businesses. 

“Technology allows us to do things with our marketing and our messaging on a shoestring budget that people would've never thought possible 20 years ago. And to me, that is just fascinating — the way that people are able to spread messages. 

“Even about social media, obviously, we had this experience where we went viral, and we were able to reach hundreds of thousands of people with nothing. That cost us $0.”

Zach adds, “15 years ago, a large company probably had a huge budget, and then they had this ability, through print or however they would do it, to disperse their brand and get in front of a ton of eyes. And I think, just like Kyra said, with some of those organic opportunities, people who are authentic and are very passionate and put out really interesting content, you can be as big as that big brand, but be as small as one or two people in your house. And I don't think there's any time like that when you can legitimately get that type of reach through just being yourself — organic and passionate. And through that, the proliferation of people doing what they love will hopefully create a society that's more happy.”

Their best advice on professional development

Kyra says, “I have two bits of advice for younger Kyra. The first one is a big one, and I probably still need to tell it to myself, and that is, ‘Don't worry so much.’ I do tend to be that perfectionist — a little bit of a warrior about things — I just tend towards that naturally. And in business, that can really get you in trouble. […] The other piece of advice I would have for myself is to speak up.”

Zach adds, “Start earlier. If you have a passion for something today, and you've been thinking, ‘Ah, maybe I'll do it tomorrow; maybe I'll start it in six months; maybe I'll start it in 2023.’ Start it today. So then, by 2023, you can say, ‘Hey, I've been doing it for four months, and it's awesome. And I'll be able to leave my job in another year.’ If you have a passion for something, I would say, ‘Just start it today.’”